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Ensuring road safety is the main challenge facing every motorist. Therefore, the first place for the car owner becomes a choice in favor of a reliable car, concern for its good technical condition, compliance with traffic rules. One of the important, and sometimes the key point and guarantee of a comfortable and safe ride, reducing the cost of servicing and refueling a car. Find more here: centennial dirt commander mt review


  • The main elements of the wheel
  • Drive selection
  • Rubber selection
  • Tire calculator


How to choose wheels for a car to increase comfort and safety, as well as unlock the potential of a car? This question is asked by every driver.


The car wheel consists of two main elements. This is the rim and tire, the competent selection of which will significantly improve the operational characteristics of the machine.


With the replacement of wheels, as a rule, motorists are less likely to encounter than with the replacement of rubber, which is usually carried out twice a year (seasonally). However, the need to replace disks, nevertheless, sometimes arises.

The disk is the basis, support, and therefore the criterion of its choice becomes maximum reliability: strength, resistance to deformation, wear, corrosion.

The most inexpensive option is stamped or standard welded metal discs. In most cases, this option is standard in the car. They are characterized by a rather high weight, which in itself does not seem to be an advantage, because it increases fuel consumption, creating additional loads, easily deforms under high loads and quickly corrodes with frequent contact with moisture. And therefore, for an aggressive driving style and operating a car in off-road conditions, this is not the best option.

In addition, the wheel is an essential element of the general aesthetics of a car, and “stamping” here is much worse than more attractive options. The only advantages of welded steel disks are the low price and maintainability (a damaged deformed disk can be rolled in a car workshop).

Alloy wheels are distinguished by aesthetic appeal and a number of high technical and operational properties. They are lightweight, resistant to corrosion and deformation, provide reduced fuel consumption and better maneuverability.


Distinguish cast and forged wheels. The former are represented by a variety of external designs and are relatively inexpensive. However, such a disk cannot be restored; a replacement will be required.


The second - the most high-tech, durable (most likely the suspension will fail, than the disk is deformed), but also expensive. However, because of the complexity of the method and the many mechanical operations, forged alloy wheels do not differ in particular design variability.


When making a decision to purchase a kit, it is worth considering that the choice of wheels for a car must be carried out based on the recommendations that the car manufacturer gives on the optimal and acceptable wheel sizes. The range of options is insignificant, and the wheel size set by the manufacturer is considered the most suitable and effective.



Another thing is the choice of tires. The tire tread provides contact of the wheel with the road surface, which can be in a different technical condition, with different terrain, wet, slippery, rocky, warm, frozen, etc.



A tire calculator will help you choose a suitable rubber for a beginning motorist, which you can use for free on the website of a specialized online store of rims and tires.


When choosing tires for the season, it is worth taking into account the rating of brands and models, to determine the budget. However, price should not become the primary selection criterion.

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